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With decades of experience TREPEL has managed to make its equipment a successful brand valued worldwide.

TREPEL Airport Equipment meets the requirements of ground support equipment (GSE) of today's modern airports with a wide product range. With the CHAMP loader family, TREPEL offers cargo loaders with a capacity from 3.5 tons up to 35 tons, completed by a cargo loader-transporter and a container/pallet transporter. The CHALLENGER family of conventional aircraft tractors is capable to handle all commercial as well as military aircraft from the A320 and B737 up to the A380 and the AN225.
With the all-new CHARGER 380, TREPEL has now also a towbarless aircraft tractor. It introduces state-of-the-art features such as anti-collision and obstacle detection, independent hydro-pneumatic front suspension and over-steering/over-torque protection – each of them bringing aircraft towing to the next level of safety and comfort.

As there are many good reasons for electric drive, TREPEL contributes with the electrification of its equipment. More and more models are now also available as e-version.

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MD’s message

TREPEL Airport Equipment - Managing Director Carsten Schimkat

Dear business partners and friends,

Although the overall situation is still challenging, we do not stand still but work continuously on our product range. Therefore, we can proudly announce two new members of our electrically driven equipment: the CHARGER 380e and the CHAMP 350e, both being equipped with powerful propulsion. The CHARGER 380e is characterized by the highest driving power (309 kW) and by being the fastest tractor on the market in his tractor range. Of course, it also shows all state-of-the-art features of its diesel brother. The same applies to the CHAMP 350e which – as the CHAMP 140e – features 3 asynchronous electric motors dedicated and dimensioned for specific tasks such as driving or lifting.
We consequently continue the extension of our electric-powered equipment, therefore you can be curious about what comes next.

Carsten Schimkat, Managing Director

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