CHARIOT Training Simulation

CHARIOT – enhanced computer simulation-based training for aircraft tractor and ground vehicle operations. The CHARIOT simulator is an integrated and configurable training solution comprising simulation software, a visual system and a driver station. The CHARIOT provides realistic aircraft pushback training in a safe, controlled environment, ranging from basic level to enhanced level training.

Over the years, the need to improve operator training on pushback vehicles has increased significantly. Busy airside operations, however, imply that the time to devote to physical training is limited and there are significant risks for training in live environments. Complementing training with a simulator system allows more frequent practice sessions and a higher use of training opportunities.

Additionally, a targeted repetition of training scenarios and the reduced risk of vehicle and aircraft damage when using the CHARIOT will significantly increase overall training efficiency. Pushback drivers will be better prepared and qualified to respond to changing manoeuvring conditions at the airport apron and to face the daily and future challenges of aircraft handling.

Main Features

train with original driver station

Train with the original TREPEL driver station

The CHARIOT is available in several hardware editions and configurations. The solution closest to real life situations includes the original TREPEL driver station with console, steering wheel, gearshift, pedals and displays, providing the look and feel of TREPEL aircraft tractors. In addition to the 3D visual system, periphery view screens simulate side mirrors as well as top, rear and towbar views.

train in local airport environment

Train in your local airport environment

A generic 3D airport model is available for basic training. This model includes training areas, gates and taxiways as well as different aircraft types. Any 3D environment - be it a complete airport or particular parking positions - can be integrated and supplied as part of the CHARIOT package. This opens the possibility of training simulation looking exactly like where the real operation happens.

train using most realistic simulations

Train with using the most realistic simulations

The aircraft tractor can be positioned anywhere within a virtual 3D airport. Any time of the day and different weather situations can be preset or changed dynamically. The challenges of docking to an aircraft as well as pushing out through narrow lanes are trainable in a safe simulator environment. Anytime during the simulation exercise, the operation can PAUSE, REWIND and RESUME.


Standard Edition

  • • 3D visual system: 3x 43’’ UHD screens
  • • Multi-view 17“ display
  • • Original TREPEL driver console
  • • Interactive driver HMI: 12’’ TID
  • • Simulation control: 5’’ TID
  • • Sound module

Premium Edition

  • • 3D visual system: 5x 65“ UHD screens
  • • Additional driver rear view 24“ display
  • • Original TREPEL driver console
  • • Interactive driver HMI: 12’’ TID
  • • Simulation control: 5’’ TID
  • • Sound module

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