Looking forward - electro power by TREPEL

Looking forward

Looking forward - electro power by TREPEL

Electro power by TREPEL

zero emmission - full performance

Cleaner air, GSE noise emission reduction, a cutback in CO² emission, alternatives to diesel engines that are becoming more complicated and more expensive in purchase – all very good reasons to push ground handlers to invest in electric GSE. 

TREPEL new electric tractors and loaders address these issues without the conventional restrictions of electric vehicles.  The new generation CHAMP electro and CHALLENGER electro feature an autonomy for one work shift, applying the well-established 80V technology and infrastructure. Performance is similar to the diesel-operated GSE, allowing a smooth transition from diesel to electric driven GSE with no disruption to apron turnaround operations.  

  • zero emission
  • low maintenance
  • full performance
  • long autonomy

It’s time to go electric!

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